Authentic Relating is a great tool for deepening connections, both in personal and business relationships. We offer workshops for teams and groups wanting to work more smoothly and closer together, from a sense of shared values and shared goals.

Authentic Relating is highly effective in areas where relational skills are of the utmost importance: leadership development, client relations, negotiations, internal communication and strategically mapping out next steps. It is also a great tool for team development, process facilitation and conflict resolution.

The interpersonal ’soft stuff’ can be really hard and Authentic Relating excels at breaking it down to small, actionable steps and methods, raising the bar of what is possible. We introduce you to a new way of interacting with other people/coworkers – based on a practical set of ground rules – and train you in applying them. This allows for new ways of working that are more efficient, more robust, and most of all: more fun.

The Authentic Relating process works both deep and fast and teaches our ‘software for clean interactions’: relational skills that stick and have a lasting effect.

If you want to have:

– More cohesion and empathy in your team – working with the talent that is already there
– A better connection with your (potential) clients and service them to full satisfaction
– Less pressure in your work – while achieving more
– Real conversations under fire: a constructive and even inspiring handling of conflicts

… then hire us. Don’t hire us if:

– You are unwilling to change the way you interact, but still expect different results
– You are not interested in working with people
– You are excited about a workshop but have no intention in actually applying the skills learned


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