We send out monthly newsletters with our tips for integrating authentic relating into your daily lives.

These tips come from our own personal experiences and are truly practiced, tried and tested  – and our hope in offering them is to bring value and beauty to your daily interactions as they do for us.

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Below is an overview of past newsletters:

Appreciation; a conscious choice to celebrate the people in your life.
Noticing; a simple practice to create more connection.
Slowing it down; bringing attention to the richness of the in-the-moment experience.
Choosing love; the practice of choosing a loving perspective.
Getting their world – in a business setting; offering insights into how to integrate authentic relating into business negotiations.
Circling as a Practice; on why Circling is a practice and how ‘showing up’ is part of that practice.
Owning my desire; how the practise of knowing and fully owning your desire can create a fuller and juicier life!
Mindfulness: the practice of recognizing the richness in each moment, without wanting to add, change or fix anything.