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July 31–December 31, 2017

When I set out and created Authentic Europe, it came from this undeniable drive to help Circling actually break through and start grow in Europe (a recent interview by Digges covers a bit of that history).

We’ve reached that breakthrough some time ago, and although I don’t fully agree with where people are taking the term “Circling” nowadays, Authentic Relating has matured also here in Europe, and high-grade community and training offerings have become available online.

In the meantime I’ve moved on, with other activities such as my technical work and my biohacking, translation of authentic relating to technical work, and various geekery booming.

I’ll still be active in the authentic relating domain, especially in the Decker and Integral Center lineage, but don’t expect Authentic Europe to be organising events anytime soon.

With gratitude for all the learning and connection,

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August 29–December 31, 2015

Welcome to Authentic Europe!

Feel free to look around and see pictures of our past events, read up on our Practices and Games, read up on our past newsletters and signup for the new ones!

If you want some background beyond our Practices and Games, we highly recommend UC Berkeley’s edX course on Positive Psychology for a gentle yet solid overview of some of the science behind Authentic Relating.
It is free (or at a small fee you can even get an education certificate).

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Circling Lab Amsterdam

Amsterdam February 8, 2015

Circing Lab is a practise evening for those that are familiar with Circling and are eager to deepen their skills. The intention is to drop in with each other, practise Circling and share the exquisite space of intentionality with each other.

Circling Lab is for those that have participated in a workshop and know the basic foundations of Circling.

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Circling Practice Group

Amsterdam February 4–March 11, 2015

Circling Practice Group is a 6-week practice group for people that have been introduced to Circling and want to practise this skill set in an intimate group setting.

The sessions will be focusing on practising the skills of being a participant in a Circle. We will dive in together, both allowing space for you to practise what you want to practise and exploring the more subtle distinctions of Circling, slowly moving beyond basic levels.

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Authentic Relating Games & Circling

Amsterdam January 28, 2015

For this edition, we will start with Games as always, however we will be including Circling. This is the specific and more in depth practice of Authentic Relating that particularly lights us up! The games that we play are great warm up’s, practicing the skills that are needed for Circling.

Come join us for an evening cultivating a deeper understanding of yourself and what is possible in relationship!

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