Authentic Relating Weekend – November 2014 – Copenhagen

Pictures of our second Authentic Relating Weekend in Copenhagen. (Pictures by Ragnhild Shanina Leinum, Miriam van Groen & Alisa La).

Authentic Relating Weekend – March 2014 – Copenhagen

The Authentic Relating Weekend in Copenhagen was delightful!

Aletheia Deep Dive – Staff Training – January 2014 – Venwoude

Our Aletheia Deep Dive Staff Training was a true deep dive, both personally and as a group. Beautiful times! (Pictures by Tanguy Bernier).

Aletheia Deep Dive – May 2013 – Amsterdam

This gallery beautifully captures the atmosphere of the first European Aletheia; our deep dive into authentic relating: Aletheia Deep Dive. (Pictures by Hani Gurung Khaursar).

AE Community Leaders Weekend 1 – February 2013 – Oslo

This selection gives a little taste of the first weekend bringing the active European community together and celebrating the Authentic World Norway community: AE Community Leaders Weekend 1.