The organisation

ae-groupAuthentic Europe is dedicated to spreading Authentic World‘s authentic relating practices, such as Circling, throughout Europe. Authentic relating has brought an amazing and fulfilling depth to our day-to-day connections, and we are deeply excited to bring more of this into your world.

“It’s so freeing and inspiring to experience so many people who want these kinds of real, honest and transcending connections with other people. I don’t think I have ever felt so at home” ~ Emil, Denmark

We believe that to be seen and accepted for who we truly are, is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have as human being. To not seek to change someone is one of the most loving gifts we can give, which often actually tends to allow that person to blossom and grow.

We offer different ways to experience Authentic Relating. Our workshops always combine directly experiencing this way of relating with practices for applying this into your daily lives.

– Authentic Relating Games Nights
– Authentic Relating Weekends
– Facilitator Trainings
– Community & Practice Events

Visit our upcoming events page for a current overview of our events. Read up on our agreements for the safe container.

We both build and practice within a beautiful community within Europe and we are committed to support leadership and growth within this group of people.

The people

We believe an organisation, especially one that is about authentic relating, is strongly defined by its people. This is us:

Wouter Slegers

I’m so inspired and constantly surprised at the rate of growth of Authentic Europe, I’m lightheaded. And that is quite something to say for me as the highly head-based Enneagram 5 with quite a bit of experience in running ‘we have no idea how to do this’ projects in various cultures (see my technical work).

I’m lit up by that lightness of being in people who have experienced being seen as they authentically are, accepted as they are without needing to change. I’m inspired by people daring to go to their growth edge and stretching their comfort zone. I’m touched by people opening their hearts and walking away with more vulnerability and strength at the same time. All those experiences, and my growth as a person with them, have me lead Authentic Europe forward.

My strong integrity drives me to also ensure that this is a safe environment for every one. The core tenant stays “you are ok as you are (including any desire to change)”. This is not therapy, although quite some healing can occur and is always welcomed. This is not change work, even though quite some change and growth can come from this. This is to deeply connect by exploring what is happening right here, right now, in and between us.

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