What’s it like being Circled?

From participants

“The weekend was a tremendously giving and nourishing experience. Thank you Authentic Europe for helping make the world a better place one connection at a time. I have renewed hope for humanity as a whole!”
~ Tom, Denmark

“I feel I know myself better and I feel I’ve realised the poetic beauty in every person. The Circling process has shown me that richness and the poetry in people. I’m just full of wonder and amazement and love”
~ Jayne, UK

“It’s so freeing and inspiring to experience so many people who want these kinds of real, honest and transcending connections with other people. I don’t think I have ever felt so at home”
~ Emil, Denmark

“My thanks to everyone involved in this weekend, I experienced, grew and came home to myself, more than I could have hoped for”
~ Daniel, UK

“It’s like going on a vacation without leaving the house”
~ Tymen, the Netherlands

“Loved to be around conscious, playful people and exploring, confirming and unfolding life together”
~ Ann-Kathrin, Norway

“I feel immensely grateful for having had the chance to experience this beautiful way of connecting with others and with myself. This was Authentic Relating for me. Don’t hesitate”
~ Lucie, Denmark

About us

“I’m thrilled and grateful to see Authentic Europe taking of like a rocket this past year. Wouter and Anke are doing the rare work, simultaneously supporting an immense community in their development AND living and practicing in that community themselves, with vulnerability and with play. If you’re considering participating enough to read this testimonial, my main message to you is:

– The individuals in this organization are skilled enough for you to walk away with a sense of wonderment and something *useful* with family or at work
– They are humble enough to acknowledge that no single perspective is *the* perspective for anyones relationship and will gracefully co-explore with you to discover your own next level of development, without fail.

Their dedication to this work is inspiring, it’s an honor to recommend your time and attention be spent with them in any way you choose” ~ Decker Cunov, founder of Authentic World


“I’m smiling right now imagining you (whoever you are) training with Wouter Slegers, his commitment to loving community in the world has him facilitating our relationship practices pristinely & coordinating the various community hubs throughout an entire continent gracefully.

Why did we choose Wouter to found Circling in Europe? He’s a rational laser beam in a touchy feely world, he’s a generous pillar underneath the dynamic drama that is community-based evolution, he’s a katana wrapped in marshmallows.

Personally I have the pleasure of being ‘trued up’ by Wouter on a regular basis, he’s a man I can count on and I feel honoured to recommend him publicly and whole-heartedly” ~ Decker Cunov, founder of Authentic World